The Heartbreak Science Fair

Feb 11th & 13th 2016

6pm to 10pm


The themes of Heartbreak and Science went together so well last year that the two are getting back together once again this February (never mind the divorce and custody battle the two had in the meantime). This event is a platform for local artists, performers and science enthusiasts to express discoveries and analysis of heartbreak through the means of art and science. This medley of science-meets-art event offers opportunities for people of all ages and interests to connect on the relationships of art, science and heartbreak. Join us in celebration of their re-uniting love/co-dependence just before Valentine's Day! It'll be so much fun, we just have to split this up into two dates:

Thursday: Feb. 11th from 6pm to 10pm
Saturday: Feb. 13th from 6pm to 11pm

Thursdays performances only:
- A video and live cooking performance by Kazimierz Baniszewski
- "Paging Mr Herman"an improvisational music duo of Jeppa Hall (aka Queen Shmooquan, Goatgirl, and Finger) and multi-instrumentalist/prolific songwriter Scott Adams (birds may bite & The Debaucherantes)

Saturdays performances only:
- Krista Lee Wolfe performing a science sound experiment on the inner guts of a piano.

Thursday and Saturday performances:
- An interactive installation by Jessica Roxanne Jones: In the year 2350, teenage girl Dalia displays a science fair project allowing participants to be a climate change hero through a virtual reality experience.
- Eric Basham displaying a modified medical electrophysiology system measuring physiological responses during a live performance of passionate kisses.
- A heartbreaking variety show featuring:
- Journalist/musician, Mark Taylor-Canfield as MC and Mad Scientist.
- Jade Vogelsang singing of heartbreaking experiences as a transgendered woman
- Epiphany and LaLion rap duo
- Heartbreaking songs with Jason DeLong

Artists include:
Alisa Starr
Ashley Nicholas
Brian Prosser
Faith Reichel
Hannah Temple
Hannako Oleary
Jason DeLong
Jeremy DeCory
Jessica Westgren
Johnathan Johnson
Jolene Janacek
Julie "Coolie" Campbell
Kelly Sorbel
Kassandra Davis
Kate Bopp
Krista Lee Wolfe
Lauren Clark
Lisa Sheets
Mike Craft
Nicole Donahoo
Philomel Swango
Rhodora Jacobs
Rio Abundez
Specs Wizard
Stephanie White
Yessica Marqez